pom-parser is dead, long live jde-mvn!

As some of you know (I know you're out there, freaks), I'm happily hacking away at my JDEE-Maven integration project. Up to now I have had two separate projects:
  1. pom-parser, which dealt with getting information from the POM and into JDEE's variables
  2. jde-mvn, which dealt with using Maven as a build tool
This became cumbersome, and got in the way of some cool stuff I wanted to do. So I merged them. :)

pom-parser is now deprecated; if you use it, you should move to jde-mvn.

This shouldn't be onerous for the, like, two people besides me who use it (while I'm on the subject, if you use this please drop me a note!), even though most (all?) of the functions in pom-parser have changed names.

jde-mvn is packaged as a JDEE plugin (for more on this, read about plugins in the JDEE manual), which means that the installation process is both simpler and more complicated, but ultimately I think this is the way I want to go.

Anyway, jde-mvn now supports a server mode, thus amortizing the startup cost of the JVM across calls. Wee! The initial startup cost is quite heavy, though, but there is not much I can do about that.

So. If you want to play with jde-mvn, it is available from my Mercurial repository. I will try to keep even tip fairly stable (I do the major hacking on a local clone), but I will also tag what I consider to be stable revisions with 'stable-DATE'; if you don't fancy life on the severely-hemorrhaging edge, you may want to go with one of these.



JM Ibanez said...

Well, that is just awesome. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about it. :) I've been fairly satisfied with my hack so far, but this just makes everything better.

I'll see if I can contribute to the codebase.


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