New features in pom-parser

pom-parser just got a bit simpler; I now delegate the work of resolving artifacts to files in the file system to Maven (using the dependency:list goal with outputAbsoluteArtifactFilename=true). Less work for me, more robust system; it should now work out of the box if you have a non-standard local repository location (or if you're on Windows).

There are also three notable bug fixes:
  • with-pom will no longer fall over if there is no POM; this allows you to have a single prj.el in the parent directory of all your source dirs without nastiness happening if you need to work on an Ant-based project
  • Newer versions of maven-help-plugin have changed the output format; pom-parser should now be able to find the effective POM regardless of the plugin version
  • The classpath order (as presented by Maven) is now preserved. This is only relevant if you're using Maven 2.0.9 or later; before 2.0.9, the classpath order as generated by Maven was non-deterministic anyway (!).
Next up: Integrating with Nexus for completion of artifacts (in pom-add-dependency).

pom-parser is, as usual, available from my Subversion repository.

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