Revisiting Maven + JDEE

I admit it, I've been an apostate. I have been seduced by the flashy pointclickiness of Eclipse, and have thus neglected my beloved Emacs (for Java coding, that is; I would never abandon the glory that is Emacs for reading news and mail, and for editing anything but Java).

However, recently I've come to feel dissatisfied with my heathen idols, and sought to return to the blessed, ever-welcoming arms of Emacs.

At this juncture I must apologize to the people who have commented on (and helped with) pom-parser.el. You have been most foully neglected, but now updates have happened.

http://svn.grumblesmurf.org/svn/pom-el/trunk/ holds the latest, greatest version of the pom-parser; it now correctly deals with all extant versions of maven-dependency-plugin, and adds the correct bits to jde-sourcepath.

Still to come: Separate runtime/compiletime classpaths; we need the runtime classpath to have completion work correctly, but should compile with the compiletime classpath in order to avoid relying on runtime dependencies in our code.

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