Fun on the bleeding edge

My pet project jde-mvn depends on bleeding-edge snapshots of Maven 3.0. The reason is simple: MvnServer needs maven-embedder, which pre-3.0 is only available in a buggy and frankly unusable version 2.0.4.

Mostly this is not a problem; however, the recent work Shane Isbell has done on the POM model breaks some existing POMs. Among them, unfortunately, is the CXF parent POM; this means that jde-mvn will choke on any project that depends on CXF (or any other POM that triggers the underlying bug).

I've reported this issue as MNG-3838; no word yet on when it will be fixed (although "sometime before 3.0 goes final" is a safe bet).

Since some of the things I work on in my day job use CXF, I've made my own nastyhack version of Maven and created a "release" of jde-mvn that embeds it; read more about this "release" on the BitBucket site.

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