Bidirectional Mercurial + SVN

I've been playing with Mercurial lately, and I'm really impressed. However, I still need to interact with Subversion repositories (not least my own), so I thought I'd try hgsvn, which lets you use Mercurial locally on a Subversion checkout. Sweetness!

That is, as long as you remember to tell Emacs that you prefer Mercurial to Subversion by moving the 'Hg' entry before 'SVN' in vc-handled-backends...

One wrinkle, though: hgsvn does not handle pushing changes back to the remote repo...

But that's nothing a little shell scripting can't fix!

hgpushsvn.sh lets you do just that.

Run it like this: hgpushsvn.sh mono[lithic]|single

monolithic (or mono)

Checks in all changes since the last revision in Subversion as one commit. The commit message is the output of hg log --style changelog for the changesets back to the last pulled from Subversion.


Checks in each changeset since the last pull as a separate commit. The commit message is still the output of hg log --style changelog. This is a much slower operation!

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